Qui es-tu ?

I am an independent filmmaker, founder of Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo, Romawood NGO (Kosovo) and one of founders of International Romani Film Commission in Berlin (Germany). I also worked as a film tutor that giving opportunity to young people to learn and to express themselves through film, their experience and identity through artistic methods, producing documentary films. I have made my first film as a trainee in 2003 in Plemetina village in Kosovo, where the native of this town learned the techniques of film making. I have directed and produced more than twenty documentaries, docu-fiction, and music videos on Roma culture, art, human rights and social life in Balkan and Western European Countries. www.romawood.org www.so-many.eu www.rollingfilm.org www.irfc.info

Pourquoi le coworking ?

Better efficiency, better social environment.